Yole: Medical Wearables: Market and Technology Trends 2019

New technologies and faster market launches are driving the medical wearables market


  • Yole Développement’s vision and definition of medical wearables
  • Analysis of market dynamics for human and veterinary monitoring, therapeutics, and prevention
  • Medical wearables’ technical and economic requirements
  • Key challenges at system and sensor level
  • Market segmentation including main players, product examples, and market share for each segment
  • Market data and forecasts for the period 2018 – 2024 for systems and sensors
  • Regulatory, market access, and target customers in the USA, Europe, and China
  • Technology trends and supply chain, along with business models adopted by this field’s key players


  • Examine medical wearable device market trends, competitive forces and dynamics, and market drivers
  • Offer an applications overview of medical wearables for diagnostic, therapeutic, and prevention, along with disruptive technologies (products)
  • Explain which sensors are used in which healthcare applications, and why • Provide an overview of the main players at each level of the supply chain, with market share
  • Furnish business models and market projections for 2018 – 2024
  • Identify promising technologies and booming applications
  • Deliver an overview of emerging flexible, stretchable, printed, and hybrid electronics for medical application