yieldHUB announces sales agent in Israel and Europe

yieldHUB announced a new agreement with Micon-Global, which will see Micon-Global act as their agent in Israel and Europe.

Speaking about this, Tal Oren, Founder and CEO, Micon-Global said, “We are a team of professionals, with many years of experience in the semiconductor industry. There is a wide overlap between yieldHUB’s prospected base and Micon’s customer base and network. We will proudly promote yieldHUB’s excellent solutions to our network, and soon everybody will want to know more about yieldHUB!”

Israel has always been a fertile ground for semiconductor product innovation. It is home to 5 semiconductor manufacturing plants (fabs), and over 150 fabless semiconductor companies. Following a few years of acquisitions, there is a new wave of start-ups, especially in AI and networking. It remains a very promising territory.

Besides, Europe is well-known for being a motherland to IDMs, fabless, and service companies with a long tradition in semiconductor manufacturing and IC development.

John O’Donnell, Founder and CEO, yieldHUB said, “I’m delighted to be working with Micon-Global. Over the past few years, we’re seeing a lot of interest from Israeli companies,  so we wanted to have a presence there. We chose Micon-Global because they are customer centric and deeply committed to serving the semiconductor industry.”

About yieldHUB

yieldHUB is a leading yield management solutions provider, with customers ranging from fast-growing fabless semiconductor companies to IDMs across the world.For companies who need to optimize yields, yieldHUB combines semiconductor industry expertise with the latest database, on-premise and cloud technologies, to provide a cost-effective complete solution.

Visit: yieldhub.com

For more information contact info@micon-global.com