RTI: Zero-Footprint BGA Socket

This is a zero-footprint floating base BGA test socket with an integrated heatsink in the dual-latch adjustable lid built for third-party PCBs. The socket mounts to an application board with alignment holes provided by a backing plate. The zero-footprint allows you to place the socket onto any PCB regardless of the mounting or alignment features.

The socket’s lid pushes down on the floating base, contacting the package to the pogo pins. A heatsink integrated into the lid contacts the heat slug on the package. A hard stop is in place to keep the adjustable lid over tightening, preventing damage to the package.

Zero-Footprint BGA Test Socket

Design Features:

  • Incorporated heat sink in lid contacts to heat slug on package
  • Adjustable lid with a hard stop to eliminate over-tightening
  • Built for third-party PCB application board
  • Fine alignment over board with mounting holes on backing plate