Micon Global & Rambus sign Representative Agreement

Micon Global is delighted to unveil a groundbreaking partnership with Rambus , a renowned leader in delivering cutting-edge chips and silicon IP solutions.

The ongoing transition to the cloud, coupled with the widespread adoption of AI across various sectors including data centers, 5G, automotive, & IoT, has led to an exponential growth in data usage. Consequently, tremendous demands are placed on the data infrastructure, resulting in data transfer bottlenecks between memory & processors. Establishing rapid & secure connections across the data infrastructure remains a crucial design challenge.

With over three decades of leadership in delivering leading edge interface & security solutions, Rambus is uniquely positioned to tackle this challenge. Rambus specializes in high-performance memory subsystems & security offerings with an innovative portfolio of Interface Chips & Silicon IP solutions, to meet the data infrastructure demands of AI applications.

Whether deployed in the cloud, at the edge, or on handheld devices, real-time immersive applications rely on fast data transfer speeds and trustworthiness. Rambus’ products and innovations deliver enhanced bandwidth, capacity, and security essential for ushering in a new era of data infrastructure architectures and elevating end-user experiences to new heights.