Micon Global chosen as Blink Technologies’ Business Development Representative

Micon Global is pleased to officially announce a collaboration with Blink Technologies, renowned innovators in the field of AI-Driven Eye-Tracking software.

Blink provides proprietary AI-based, Eye-Tracking software-only solutions to simplify digital experiences across any device and operating system.
By adding gaze-tracking capabilities, Blink enhance the interaction between the Human-Vision and Display Technologies/IOT/Automotive around us.

Humanity is constantly seeking for new ways of interaction beyond the traditional physical touch, as Eye-Tracking technology will be a standard feature in our evolving world–Blink enables a faster, cost effective and more natural way of communication with the growing number of smart devices and intelligent hardware devices across many industries such as: OEMs, Tier-1/2 and consumer grade products already on the market in MP, for Medical, Automotive, Ophthalmic and Digital-Retail.