Micon Global and ELECTRONICA sign Representative Agreement

We are pleased to announce our partnership with ELECTRONICA, a full-service electronics firm with experience in the design, industrialisation and production of electronic circuits, systems and equipment.

ELECTRONICA bring new key services to Micon’s portfolio:

  • Development and manufacturing of IC validation and application boards.
  • Development, prototyping and low volume IC packaging services for the semiconductors industry.
  • Hybrid Circuits and Power solutions for railway, aerospace, defense industry.
  • Thick film technology and Ceramic substrate manufacturing.



About Electronica

Founded in Italy in 2021, ELECTRONICA’s mission is to develop and produce PCBs, Thick Film Ceramic Substrates, Hybrid Circuits and innovative packaging solutions in markets where performance and reliability are key factors to succeed.



 About Micon Global

Micon represents the world’s leading semiconductors, electronics and software service providers. Since 2001 Micon has been an integral part of the industry’s leading companies’ success.

With offices in Israel, the UK, Italy, France, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, we serve the EMEA and APAC territories acting as our principals’ first and local call.