Micon Global and Comtronic Announce Strategic Partnership

Micon Global is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Comtronic , a leading German company renowned for its excellence in the High-Reliability Connectors (Micro-D & MicroCom) manufacturing sector.

Established in 1968, Comtronic is a reliable source for Electromechanical Components, beginning as a distribution entity. Expanding its capabilities, in 2000, the company ventured into connector manufacturing, enhancing its offerings and services in a variety of fields.

With a specialization in high-reliability connectors, particularly within the Aerospace and Defense sectors, Comtronic ensures all production steps are conducted in-house. Its catalog is developed in accordance with MIL-PRF-83513 standards, offering the flexibility for modifications of customized connectors tailored to specific requirements. Its reputation is undescored by the presence of its components in several space missions, reflecting its established experience and commitment to excellence.

By joining forces, Comtronic and Micon aim to strengthen their industry presence, whenever robust and high reliability connectors are the priority. We do look forward to the collaboration successes through this partnership in the future.