Brite Semiconductor Announces DDR4 IP Achieve 2400 Mbps on SMIC 40nm Process

YouPHY-DDR DDR4, DDR3/LPDDR3 subsystem had been silicon proven on SMIC 40nm low leakage process. According to the silicon data, the data rate of YouPHY-DDR reached to 2400Mbps in DDR4 protocol and 2133Mbps in DDR3/LPDDR3 with low power and small area successfully.

YouPHY-DDR is a complete DDR subsystem provided by Brite, including not only controller, PHY and IO, but also corresponding tuning and configuration software. And this solution can support DDR3, LPDDR3, DDR4 and LPDDR4 combo PHY with the data rate from 2133Mbps to 3200Mbps. YouPHY-DDR is developed on40nm to 28nm process respectively and delivers an unbeatable combination of DDR high speed and low power performance. With patented dynamic self-calibrating logic (DSCL) and dynamic adaptive bit calibration (DABC) technology, YouPHY-DDR can automatically compensate chip/package/board/memory PVT variation and bit-bit skew. YouPHY-DDR delivers the highest DDR performance, the smallest area and the shortest time-to-market.

Based on the unique technology, Brite will continue to provide customers with advanced DDR interface IP solution with highest performance and reliability, and its 28nm DDR/LPDDR4 which can achieve 3200Mbps will pass silicon proven very soon. We trust YouPHY-DDR will be your best choice for DDR interface IP.

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