Micon Global is the local office for leading suppliers in the semiconductors and electronics industries

Since 2001 we have been an integral part of the industry's leading semiconductor companies' success. From 2014 we have expanded our services to the electronics and systems industry. With offices in London, Israel and Italy, we serve the EMEA territories acting as our principals' first and local call.

Our Services

Micon's services extend throughout the supply-chain of the semiconductors and electronics development and manufacturing processes

Design and IP Services

  • ASIC & SoC Design
  • IP Solutions

Wafer manufacturing Services

  • Mask-shop
  • Wafer Fabrication
  • Multi-Project Wafer Services
  • Lab Services

Test Hardware

  • Advanced Printed Circuit Boards
  • Probe Cards and Load-Boards Design & Manufacturing
  • Test Sockets and Fixtures
  • Test systems

Semiconductor IC Packaging & Testing

  • IC Package Design
  • Services
  • IC Packaging
  • Final Test Services (IC & System level Test)

Systems and Electronics

  • Hardware and Firmware development
  • PCB, Cables, Connectors
  • Electronics Manufacturing Services
  • Power supplies

Operations Management

  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality & Reliability Services

With offices in London, Israel and Italy, Micon shortens the distance between European / Israeli semiconductors companies and tier-one global suppliers and service providers.

Our Partners

Micon represents world's leading semiconductors and electronics service providers.



Amkor is one of the world’s largest providers of contract semiconductor Assembly and Test Services. Founded in 1968 Amkor has production facilities, product development centers and sales support offices located around the world.




Founded in 1999, Microtest provides both “general purpose” and “custom” solutions. deep expertise covers all the different phases of the microelectronic design and test flow and combines with an extensive competence in many different devices including analog, digital and mixed-signal ones.

  • Standard ATE, very high parallelism
  • Special ATE, for special application
  • Test House / Test program development
  • Ovenless Burn in
  • Microelectronics design




R&D Altanova

Specializes in advanced Technology printed board design, fabrication and assembly. Founded in 1969, R&D Altanova is a leading manufacturer of advanced technology printed wiring boards for the ATE industry. It offers Engineering, Fabrication, Socket and interconnect services to leading OEM’s worldwide.




With over 2,500 Engineers Sii is the top IT & engineering services provider in Poland. We support our clients within the scope of testing, software development, infrastructure management as well as system integration and system maintenance. We execute various projects for leading worldwide companies from such sectors like banking and finance, insurance, telecommunications, Hi-Tech, utilities, industry, FMCG and many others.




RTI offers full integrative interfaces that can bridge the gap between your device under test and your measurement method. RTI caters to electrical and environmental demands across all markets including IC, medical, military, aerospace, automotive and more. RTI is a provider of custom test sockets and high performance PCB interfaces.



EXALT Technologies

EXALT Technologies Ltd. is a software development center of excellence with customers such as Siemens, Alcatel Lucent, HP, Brocade, NOKIA and Cisco along with other smaller and startup style customers.

EXALT Technologies has been operational for over 23 years and provides customers with the full potential of consulting-level software services thus providing the ability to cut costs while gaining access to world-class engineering.




Based on our technology platforms, we develop the system or sub-system that you need achieving a drastically reduced TTM.  Global electronics design services from concept to manufacturing – Excellent system engineering – Outstanding expertise in Wireless / RF, Graphics for embedded systems, SoC & FPGA design and Software – Technology platforms & IP.




JustDo is an innovative general-purpose management platform for business and personal management, providing a central location for planning, executing and monitoring all processes and operations.




Johnstech is the leading manufacturer of Test Contractor solutions and services for the global semiconductor industry including RF/Microwave. High speed digital, MEMS and precision analog applications. The superior electrical and mechanical performances makes Johnstech the contractor of choice for increased performance results and lower cost of test.




Comlink Electronics was established in Shenzhen, China in 2002 and is among the major providers of high quality and high reliability cable solution for the Telecommunication, PC, Consumer and PV applications, with international certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001, TS 16949, UL, CSA, CCC, VDA, KEMA and EICC.



Yole Development group

Yole Development group provides market research, technology analysis, strategy consulting, targeted media, and financial advisory services.



Integense Microelectronics

Founded in Shanghai, China by a group of Semiconductor veterans in 2015, with design centers in Shanghai, Xi’an and Los Angeles, Integense is an ASIC company specialized in Power management, LED Lighting, , Electric Detonators, Thermal Printers, LED Display Drivers, pico projectors solutions and other Analog/Mixed Signal ASIC design.




Olympic which has more than 33 years of PCB development and   manufacturing experience, has plants in Heshan (Jiangmen, Guandong) and Shenzehn, with more than 150,000 m2 of Floor area.

Olympic’s PCBs are used by world-class level OEMs, ODMs and EMS customers in the following segments: Automotive, Consumer & Appliances, Industrial, Computer & Peripherals, Communication and Medical.

Olympic has ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 and ISO14001 certifications and has obtained top scores during its’ customers audits (VDA6.3).

Olympic is Listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange Market with code 603920.SH

With the addition of Olympic to the list of its gold partners, Micon is ready to address all needs of companies in the electronics industry.



Lepton Systems

Founded in 2016 by a group of talented engineers with extensive experience in optical transmission, and software architecture and development, Lepton Systems develops Layer 1 switches to automate the connection of the physical layer in a variety of test environments. The physical layer is considered the final roadblock to 100% test automation, yet existing product offerings are typically morphed from designs that were intended for other purposes, or use expensive technology and present a difficult cost-benefit analysis.


Our goal at Lepton was to develop a Layer 1 switch that addresses the shortcomings of existing market offerings in terms of scalability, media, and data rates, at an affordable price. We have achieved this goal with our ColdFusion switch, an affordable, large-scale, data rate and media versatile Layer 1 switch. With leading-edge technology, ColdFusion’s architecture will allow it to evolve with industry changes paving the way for Lepton to continue to support future Layer 1 switching applications



About Micon

Micon was established in 2001 to bridge geographical and cultural gaps between leading international suppliers and Israeli and European companies in the semiconductor and electronics industry. Our customer-oriented approach earned Micon an excellent reputation for professionalism, quality service and top-of-the-line industry contacts

The Essence of Micon

Leading International Partners

Customer-Oriented Approach


Quality Service

Experienced, Multidisciplinary Team

Accessibility, Responsiveness, Loyalty

The Team

Micon's multidisciplinary and experienced team have addressed the discrete needs of many high tech companies. Whether you are an international supplier or a local company in the Semiconductors or Electronics business, we will make sure you will get the best service, solve problems as they occur and provide you with operations and engineering services at your request. Send us an email if you want to know more about these services.

Success Stories

Micon's long-term, proven track record of realizing and delivering upon successful international partnership is cemented by mean of our commitment to provide ongoing support and immediate response to our clients' needs. These are just some of the companies we have served in the past and are currently serving.


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